Photos by Sin Bozkurt© for Cabaret Vs Cancer

Cabaret Vs Cancer Calendar Cover Shoot 2016

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So this year’s cover shoot took place end of July, and since my last update, The All Nude Charity Cabaret Calendar has become a registered charity, Cabaret Vs Cancer, doing much more than the calendar, with new links and fund raising drives, and its all thanks to Rose Thorne.

Many people made it out on a lovely Sunday afternoon, and this year we have more boys than ever before.

There were some regular faces too, and many new people, which was lovely.  One couple in particular made a very special effort, having recently been involved in surgery for breast cancer.

Thanks to Rose for all her efforts, and for looking after me too. Thanks to Louise, Ruth and Mysti  for their continued support and Steve and Liberty for being the closest thing to family in the room. Thanks to our wrestling contingent and to the Cheekettes that continue to support us.

I’m sorry for the lack of noise on my part, but its all I can do in August to get regular work done, support my family, and try to fit in all the calendar shoots before the 19th September deadline.

You’ll be glad to know the end is in sight, with the majority of shoots done, or organised.

So I leave you with the official non-naked shot, that is naked. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again to everyone involved and will be releasing the nude shots to the artists only, with versions appearing with tinsel in the way, or light bulbs. All will become clear, honest.

Photos by Sin Bozkurt© for Cabaret Vs Cancer 2016
Photos by Sin Bozkurt© for Cabaret Vs Cancer 2016

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