Photos by Sin Bozkurt© Hasting Pier 2016

Hasting Pier 2016

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Back in 2008/2009 I wrote a blog about the Hastings Pier after attending the march. I was still learning at the time but snapped a shot or two.  To my surprise Hasting Pier Charity got in contact recently and wanted to use the image on the front gates and in the exhibition space.  I’ve been super […]

Save Hasting Pier!

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The pier in Hastings has been shut for some time now and for a while it looked like there was no solution to saving it. Now however a local group has got behind the pier and are raising awareness and organising demonstrations. Here are some pictures from today. The event was very well attended and […]


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Norway is without doubt one of the most beautiful countries I have visited, mountains, trees, and fjords everywhere. The Norwegians are very hospitable, and in the North of the country, pretty damn crazy. Alcohol is expensive so many people brew their own moonshine. I may decide to add a people post sometime but for now […]

The Tame Birds of Eastbourne

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Once leaving the Towner Gallery on my way back to the car I switched cameras and was looking for some bird shots with my zoom lens.  Eastbourne has a sort of large garden along some of the front and it attracts many garden birds.  Usually on the sea front there are mainly seagulls.  The difference […]

Towner Gallery

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On a recent visit to Eastbourne with friends we took in the delights of the newly opened Towner Gallery.   What impressed me most was the building and interior.  Here are a few shots, again from the new f1.4 lens.  Click for big. This one of the stairs is my favorite This is my friend […]

London South Bank and the Strand.

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I was strolling around London South Bank looking for locations to shoot for some fashion shoots I am planning for the future.  On the way I took this one of the London Eye, attempting to get something a little different to the usual perspective.  I was very pleased with the result.  Here are the pictures […]

Scotney Castle

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I’d often wondered by on the A21 but never turned in.  Its more like a fairy tale cottage than a castle.  Its also the place where my camera died with the fearsome “error 99″ message.  I’ll be sending it to canon for repair and buying myself a new camera in the meantime.