Behind Burlesque – Photographic Exhibition


– “A variety show characterized by broad ribald comedy, dance and striptease.”

Burlesque gets some bad press and to some it is just a step away from lap dancing or stripping.  Increasingly it is being recognised as a legitimate performance art that embraces femininity in all its forms. It is spreading out into other scenes and appealing to other audiences and the acts themselves are evolving, incorporating elements of circus and performance art.

I have been photographing Burlesque since early 2009 when I was invited by a friend and performer to Madame Jojos in London. I was immediately enchanted by the atmosphere of these events and have been documenting it ever since.  Developing relationships with a number of promoters and artists, I have also managed to gain access to backstage areas.

The result is a series of photographs with a unique view that goes beyond just capturing the performance.

Sin Bozkurt 2010

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