I have been the resident club photographer at three of London’s best club nights, Gypsy Hotel, The Double R Club and parties organised by The Last Tuesday Society. These three nights are slightly different but fit into the Alternative Club nights mold. Gypsy Hotel showcases rock / scar / rockabilly / country/rhythm and blues type bands with Burlesque and novelty cabaret acts, while The Double R Club is a David Lynch inspired night and is a sit down cabaret show with many personal touches. The Last Tuesday Society put on plush erotic fancy dress themed parties with all sorts of dance lessons, music and entertainments.  There are many other alternative nights I attend now, and unfortunately have had to let some of the residencies go in favour of paid work. Some of the photos feed my specific personal projects but as a body of work they give an insight into the many themed nights that have been appearing all over London in the last couple of years. From now on I will be keeping these nights on my new site that allows for streamlining my workflow as I seem to spend a lot of time emailing people and separating photos.

I’ll keep being asked for prints too so am offering small prints and small editorial and personal use licences through this one place.

I’ll be updating the new site and this one over the coming weeks

but for now here is the link to many of this years events.